“I am going to get a guitar and start learning’

“i am going to finish the novel i started writing”

“i need more books in my life,need to update my library”

And the list goes on and on,one new project after another and yet nothing done about it.

“Is it a case of procrastination?”

“A bout of fear?”

“The usual list of excuses?”

I am afraid its all little of all them at kills me how many times a project starts and finishes in my head but never in reality,like my head gets all the job done.i am truly tired of my way and right now i need divine inspiration from my Father(p.s:that’s God my personal person).

Well,the way i see it all is not totally lost,that i am here today is a start and soon enough(not an imaginary day),i will finish all my many projects.First on my list,fight the procrastination.

P.S: Taking upon myself to write an article,that i must do.(smiles)


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