This questions seems to puzzle me everyday,i ask myself how nice do i have to be in this case or this matter.i do understand the beauty of being nice and polite but sometimes i wonder if i haven’t let myself become stupid in return as to how nice i have been.In life,everyone deserves you being nice to them but not everyone deserves your extra mile of niceness because honestly they will make a fool out of you for it.People shouldn’t give less respect just cause your nice to them,you shouldn’t get trampled on just because you chose to be nice.

Being nice is a beautiful quality,you shouldn’t question yourself for being nice to people or to feel that you shouldn’t have to be nice because you get tramped on.NO!,the other ones who don’t understand the beauty in your politeness or in your patience and smile should be the ones to question themselves.God made everything about you beautiful,be nice,be who you ought to be,but don’t let anyone take you for granted because God doesn’t and He won’t be happy if you do.

So be nice,help people but cut out anyone who will make you question the beauty in your niceness.


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