Its Sunday morning,the sky is a little cloudy,but my mood is awesome,hey,i am heading to thank God for His grace and love,nothing could go wrong.Last week i had a wonderful experience in church,praising and worshiping God for answered prayers,one of my prayer points being that God should take charge of all that concerns my heart. 

To be honest,i was in a fantastic mood,this Sunday,dressed to the tens(can i say that?),nothing could go wrong but just as i step out,it starts raining crazy,i had no umbrella,am getting drenched(may i say i have had ample opportunity to get an umbrella,even the Holy Spirit has reminded me over and over).i keep running to the bus stop to get a bus and praying for an umbrella,telling the Holy Spirit that i would listen to him all the time.By this time, i am soaked and just as i am rounding up at the bus stop,i see an umbrella lady and i get one and off i am to church.Its still a great day i say. 

i get to church,i see one of the ushers(we will call him fair usher)and he stops and goes on about how good i am looking and he is admiring me,i can see that.it lifts my mood.so i step into church.service is going on and my eyes zoom on the other usher(we will call him usher guy)…  #flashback: this usher guy is my friend and we are cool,i actually like him but somethings have happened,so i am not so sure but we still friends(i’ll bring this gist later)…#

Service ends great,i decide to stay back in church and wait for the communion service but first i have to find my PCF leader,on the hunt for him i bump into fair usher,he smiles,i have no choice but to smile back.He asked me who i am looking for,i tell him,he says ok and i pass  by and then i see who i am looking and i am done with that business,as i am heading back into church,i bump into fair usher(why am i just seeing him?) and he asked me if i am heading home,i say no,that i am staying in church and just as i am about to walk away,he says,would i like to come with him?.My thoughts are this dude is friends with usher guy and i am sure he knows whats up and why would i go with him,we are not friends or anything.just as i am about to say no,my mouth says yes.Before i know it he is all charming with me,opening the car door,helping me in and talking to me and all this time am going in my head,what am i doing? 

We get to his pad,he is a gentleman,making me comfortable,really nice and all,at this time i just keep telling the Holy Spirit to take charge,he puts a movie(am movie crazed),its a chick flick(first time watching it with a dude other than my friend)and before i know it,i say something from the movie about relationship list.he pauses the movie and says we have to discuss that because he is interested in whats in my list,i deflect the answer.Next thing we are going on and on swapping gist,we are actually having fun, talking and time is just going and within 2hours,we have learnt a lot about each other.we check the time,we have to head back to church,still the gentleman he is.Then as we are still talking birthdays and chocolates(i adore) as a gift.He asked me one question,am i ready to get married?(where is this coming from?i wonder),i pause and just as he is about to go on,a friend appears to join us.Off we go to church. 

Back at church i spot usher guy and i am like oh shoot, what am i doing,then i turn to look at fair usher and he is staring at me.my eyes keep going back and forth.its like i am in a movie,my heart does this funny movement and i am like,  

“Holy Spirit,no way,this is not it.i can’t even think there.”  

Communion ends, i am about to leave,i pause (its like a scene from Grey’s Anatomy),i try to move forward to fair usher to say thank you and then usher guy looks at me and smiles at me(i guess he thinks i am coming to meet him) and then i look towards fair usher and he is just looking at me.i just can’t move forward,i just turn and as i am about to turn out i look back and fair usher is still looking me.

I am back home but i can’t wash off the feeling,i close my eyes and all i can say in my head is, was i in a movie??


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