There’s nothing like starting afresh somewhere,wherever that place might be,you just know that your going to make new friends and meet new people so you are excited because this is a different situation,a different place.That was how i felt when i stepped into the church,hey am not saying i have never been to church or this church,its the same church but in a different location. 

My heart was tasty for the word of God and for change,to me there was going to be no distractions,nothing,just me,God and my new friends.But believe me,the thing about plans is that something odd always, always happens,most especially when i don’t expect them.Coming to this new church had done me some good,i was making new pals and just enjoying everyday,till one fateful Sunday,i arrived church,seated,happy,ready for the service and as usual,the Pastor comes up to the pulpit,am listening,taking in and down the word,i wasn’t going to miss a word.Suddenly i begin to feel a prickle down my spine,you know that odd feeling you get when someone is watching you.I decide to discard it,maybe i was feeling the chills from the full blast of the air conditioners in church,still the feeling is strong and now am convinced that i am being watched,by who? i wonder, the Pastor? they watch everyone in church, don’t they? i raise my eyes to be sure if i was being scrutinized by the man of God but its clear i am far from his line of vision.Who is staring at me? I ask myself.

I turn to the right of the stage and i am trapped in an eye lock with this usher,i turn back to be sure its not me he is looking at but there’s nobody at my back smiling or acknowledging his stare.I turn back to my Bible and quickly look up to be certain and this time, the usher smiles at me,enveloped with shyness i turn back down.After service,heading home,i relish the moment and ponder but once home,i forget about it. 

This is the situation i came to live with as every time i step into church this usher is sparing me a smiling glance.i decide what harm could happen if i smile back so i smile back once in awhile,then am sharing this gist with my friend,telling her that the usher is staring at me and that he is a cutie(oh,yes he is).Being a crazy story teller,i begin to add some spices to the gist,before you know it,I am all but standing before this guy with my mouth open(if it were possible).On a fateful day,after service,as though God was tired of my stories and wanted to create a reality for me,i couldn’t get a ride home and just as i was deciding what to do,this usher walks towards my direction and says 

“do you need a ride?” smiling at me.i look at him back and all i could do was nod my head.Next thing,am in the car,say something i tell myself but no words come out,to be honest i just felt happy to be in the car,to be close to this guy.I decide in my heart to force my mouth open and say something.. football,most guys like that but first his name, 

“Sorry,i don’t know your name” my voice sounds funny like a 5year old talking. 

“oh my name,its actually ………,whats yours?” he says to me smiling.(herein referred to as usher guy). Soon enough,i have opened the door to little discussions and its like a road to friendship has just opened up.we get to my bus stop and i say thank you and step down and he says to me see you later. i smile into my street. 

I quickly text my friend what occurred and she says to me 

 “God has answered your prayers o”, i smile to myself,wondering if i really prayed for this.


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