Did i ever mention that i am a law extern?(yeah,we all thought it should be intern.) I am not so sure i did.Well,i am and for the past six weeks i have devouted my time,thoughts,body and soul to my externship programme.It has been tasking,there were hilarious moments especially in the court rooms from crazy wigs and decorum in the court to funny proceedings.This and many more i had to sit through as an aspiring lawyer who wants to be called to Bar by November. 

But now,its time to say good bye to all that and head back to the law school in preparation for our BAR FINALS(i just had to put in caps lock for effect).There’s a certain type of feeling in the air,for some its fear,happiness,worry,just different types of feeling that i can’t seem to describe.Questions are pouring into our hearts as to how ready we are and our portfolio assessment would be. 

I,on the other hand can’t describe how i feel,it seems that i am not feeling a thing(i wonder why because i am a feeler,is that a word?i doubt.)I just want to get it over and done with,am i so ready? no,i don’t think so.can i be ready? yes,i can(i scream out in the Obama way). 

It was truly a blessed six weeks and am ever so grateful to My Father in heaven for his love and awesome grace,not forgetting the infinite wisdom of the Holy Spirit in my life.This next five weeks will be drilling but hey,i have the squad with me and they have my back (THE HOLY TRINITY). 

So this is my last post till August,i will be back to finish up what i started and to write some other crazy stuffs.If i stay longer than necessary without any post,i just might be having loads of fun.#winks.Take care everyone.God bless.


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