Whenever I refer to the fact that I am in a movie bubble,i want the world to believe me and as they say all good things come to an end(which I feel is doubtful),i’ll rather say all crazy things come to an end. 

Caught in between two guys who are friends and knowing this might not end well but believing against belief that it does,you do exactly what I do best…run for your dear life and don’t look back.Which is technically what I did,i say technically because,well I didn’t really run,i made it look like I did and stood and watched to see what would happen.i honestly wish I ran,because what occured was much drama than I anticipated. 

Fair usher didn’t intend to go out without a fight and usher guy was just usher guy and well.i simply shifted my eyes onto fair usher and everything seemed well,you know being friends,talking and bla,bla.But then I got the stares,and I wondered if I had murdered someone,suddenly am in a whirlwind,first my leader in church,tells me to stay away from the dude that he is engaged and our Pastor knows the chick(like am the evil mistress)and then further info of how he is so engaged to a sister in church(whom I know).This is not what I do,i tell myself,questions are pouring into my head like why did he lie about him not being engaged(oh,the question came up during friendly times),what was he hoping to get?.Oh,and his chick wasn’t in town so it looked like I was up to no good. 

It was becoming a truly crazy business and the huge question was why do I attract so much drama? I needed to run from this mess.


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